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Press Release - SERVPRO Franchisees Sign Sponsorship Deal with New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium

3/29/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Franchisees Sign Sponsorship Deal with New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium  

SERVPRO also named the “Official Cleanup and Restoration Company” of Patriots, Stadium 

Boston, Massachusetts, March 29, 2023New England SERVPRO franchisees are proud to announce SERVPRO has partnered with the New England Patriots to be named the “Official Cleanup and Restoration Sponsor of Gillette Stadium.” A total of 40 individually owned and operated SERVPRO franchises in New England joined to participate in this sponsorship.  

SERVPRO branding will be featured on Gillette Stadium’s new digital videoboard, which is being constructed in the north end of the stadium. The video board, scheduled for completion prior to the 2023 NFL regular season, will be the largest outdoor digital video board in the country and will feature the famous SERVPRO orange logo during events held at Gillette Stadium each year. 

SERVPRO will also present two article series on Offseason PROfiles introducing new Patriots players, and PRO Predictions which will provide expert predictions for each game during the season.  “Much like it is our honor to bring you the restoration industry’s finest and best, we are eager to help keep Patriots fans up-to-date on their favorite team all year long.” said Jesse Mathewson, director of marketing & business development with SERVPRO. 

“As a national brand and forty locally owned franchises, SERVPRO strives to support our communities and neighbors,” Mathewson said. “We can’t think of any better way to show our New England pride than by joining forces with the Patriots and Gillette Stadium. Our SERVPRO teams can’t wait to see the brand’s colors on this ground-breaking videoboard! Go Patriots!” 


For more than 50 years, SERVPRO has been a trusted leader in fire and water cleanup and restoration services, construction, mold mitigation, biohazard and pathogen remediation. SERVPRO’s professional services network of more than 2,000 individually owned and operated franchises spans the United States and Canada, responding to property damage emergencies large and small – from million-square-foot commercial facilities to individual homes. When disaster strikes, homeowners, business owners and major insurance companies alike rely on SERVPRO to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Teeing Off for the Cause(s)

9/23/2022 (Permalink)

A collage of photos from the various golf tournaments we attended in 2022. Some of our favorite moments from this year's golf tournaments.

Summer has always been one of our busiest seasons here at SERVPRO. Between the increase of seasonal losses, like fire damage and community events we regularly volunteer with, there is never a dull day!

The most common of these community events are charity golf tournaments. This year alone we have sponsored and/or participated in over six tournaments. The Haverhill Firefighters Relief Association tournament kicked off the season at the Bradford Country Club, followed closely by the YMCA of the North Shore’s tournament at Turner Hill Golf Club in Ipswich.

Next up our Key Account Manager Nury Cardoza hit the green to play in the North Shore Chamber of Commerce’s annual tournament at the Ipswich Country Club. A little rain didn’t stop her and other fellow chamber members from having a great day on the course!

 August brought us back to the Bradford Country Club for the Haverhill Police Relief Association tournament to support our brave men and women in blue. We then found ourselves at the Merrimack Valley Golf Club, where the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center held their first annual tournament to raise funds to assist in their mission to give back and support the Veterans within our community.

Finally, we rounded out the year at the Rowley Country Club for the Ascension Memorial Church’s Remembrance Cup. The tournament also benefitted The Open Door in their mission to help fight food insecurity within our community.

It's always great to give back and support so many local organizations that help make our community a better place. We can’t wait to tee off again next year for more worthy causes!

Earth Day 2022

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Photo of the attendees of the Earth Day cleanup. Thank you again to all of our incredible volunteers!

If you hadn’t already noticed, we here at SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich like green… A lot! Not only are our trucks, signs, and almost everything else SERVPRO green, but we also use green, eco-friendly products every day as part of our residential and commercial cleaning services! 

But there’s something green that we love more than all those things- the Earth! That’s why, on April 23rd, we joined the town of Danvers to host an Earth Day cleanup at Tapley Park and Fields. Our amazing team of volunteers consisted of SERVPRO Danvers employees and their families and friends, Danvers Little League team members, and some pretty awesome members of the community who heard about the event and wanted to take part as well.

Collectively our team picked up over seven bags of trash, with two enthusiastic young volunteers even finding an old rake along the rail trail behind the fields! By the end of the day the park and fields looked fantastic and were ready for the local little league players to play ball.

We once again want to thank everyone who came out and helped us with what we are sure will become an annual event. If you missed it, make sure you like and follow us on Facebook! We post about any upcoming events we’re going to be a part of, and expert tips on what to do if you ever experience water damage, fire damage, or even storm damage.

Our parent franchise, SERVPRO of Haverhill/Newburyport, also did an Earth Day cleanup, which you can read about on the SERVPRO Haverhill blog.

Make the Case for Mulch this Spring!

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

As much as we welcome the longer days and warmer temperatures associated with spring, the season can also shine an unforgiving light on lackluster landscaping around your commercial property. 

Winter can wreak havoc on whatever plants and shrubs surround your property, while piles of dead leaves or salt built up along your building’s foundation just looks unsightly. 

Done right, commercial landscaping can -- and should! -- be about more than just looks. 

Did you know that some well-placed mulch around your commercial property can help protect it against springtime flooding and potential water damage? 

In addition to looking polished and professional, mulch helps retain water and can even cut down on weeds, naturally, by keeping them covered from the sun’s rays, which they need in order to grow. 

Make the case to mulch your commercial property this spring in order to protect it from potential water damage resulting from spring season floods. If a sudden storm proves too much for the mulch, you know your SERVPRO of Danvers / Ipswich team has got your back.

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Dryer!

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Although it’s a big job, spring cleaning is so rewarding! There’s nothing quite like a new season and a fresh start in your space. 

However, at SERVPRO we always like to remind our customers about the importance of safety when it comes to spring cleaning. Part of that involves bringing attention to often overlooked areas of your home that can pose a fire hazard, if not routinely cleaned properly. 

Here are three easy tips from the National Fire Protection Association to ensure that your dryer is cleaned out completely and safe to operate: 

  1. Check the exterior air exhaust pipe and make sure that the vent flap opens when the dryer is in use. 
  2. Avoid storing flammable items, like cardboard boxes and chemicals, near the dryer.
  3. If your clothes encounter hazardous and flammable liquids like paint thinner, leave them outside to dry before washing and drying in your dryer. 

These are simple strategies, but don’t underestimate their importance when it comes to keeping you, your family, and home safe from fires. 

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 3,000 dryer fires are reported annually, resulting in approximately five fatalities, 100 injuries, and an estimated $35 million in property loss and damages. 

In addition to following the three safety steps above, always clean the actual dryer -- including that lint trap! -- since 34% of dryer fires result from failure to clean the dryer

Stay safe while you spring clean your home this season and keep in mind that SERVPRO of Danvers / Ipswich is never more than a phone call away!

What to Eat During a Spring Storm Power Outage?

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Losing power during a spring storm, whether because of heavy rains or high wind, isn’t terribly uncommon in New England. In fact, just the past few days have already seen spring storms knocking out power across New England and even further south. 

There’s no doubt that losing power during a storm is inconvenient, especially if the outage lasts a while. In some of our other blog posts, we’ve featured fun activities to help while away the time, including coverage of must-read books and highly recommended family games. 

But what about food

Just because the power is out doesn’t mean you can’t whip up some tasty meals for yourself and your family. 

Check out some of these no-cook and low-cook recipes that are sure to satisfy everyone in your house. 

Of course, the secret to success when it comes to creating any of these dishes requires a prepped and well-stocked pantry. Check out this list of essentials to stock your pantry in preparation for a storm

Pro-tip: An extra propane tank for gas grilling can also empower your power outage cooking prowess. 

Should the storm be severe enough to cause significant storm damage, trust your local  SERVPRO of Danvers / Ipswich team for speedy storm remediation!

Can Spring Floods Cause Disease?

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

We might be rounding the corner on flu season but that doesn’t mean we can let our guards down when it comes to spring floods and the diseases that contaminated flood water can contain. 

The spring season in New England tends to bring its fair share of storms, some of which can deliver high winds and significant amounts of rain. We all know that floods pose the threat of water damage to commercial and residential buildings, but did you know that wading around in flood water might expose you to certain pathogens that can make you really sick? 

For instance, the bacteria in flood water can be concentrated enough to cause the following injuries or illnesses

  • Gastrointestinal illness
  • Leptospirosis 
  • Skin rashes
  • Tetanus
  • Wound infections

Help! I unintentionally came in contact with floodwater… What should I do?

First rule of thumb is always: don’t panic. 

If you do encounter floodwater, protect yourself from possible exposure to these pathogens by cleaning the area with soap and water, or relying on hand sanitizer until you have access to clean water. 

Make sure you wash your clothes in hot water, ensuring they are completely clean and thoroughly dry before re-wearing them. 

In the event that you have to wade through flood water for any reason, it’s best to only do so after suiting up in protective gear, including goggles, gloves, and rubber boots. 

For all structural water damage and water remediation, contact SERVPRO of Danvers / Ipswich!

Your new favorite home improvement gadget

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Photo of our new MM-2000 goggles The MM-2000 Goggles also feature 3 thermal imaging modes, and a 4k Ultra-HD camera.

Have you ever wondered if the walls of your home were hiding a world of water damage? We see cases of it regularly. But sometimes, calling in the pros to answer, “what if?” just isn’t worth it. Well, just in time for the start of Home Health Month, we’re here to announce our first ever direct to consumer at home moisture damage detection solution. Introducing the MM-2000 Goggles, a stylish solution to the question “is now the right time to call SERVPRO?”

Our MM-2000 Goggles are the first and only product like this on the market. A moisture meter, infrared thermometer, thermal imaging sensor, and camera, all wrapped into one unassuming pair of glasses. The glasses will even let you know when they detect levels that warrant calling in the experts. There is a micro-SD card slot on the left temple (or arm) for expandable and removable storage and can be charged via USB-C cable.

If you have the companion app installed on your phone, you can review the levels and live footage recorded form each scan, check mold growth in real time, call to schedule an estimate, and even share your scan results with our team for expert feedback.

No more costly tests, no more “honey, don’t worry, if there was a problem, I’d know about it.” Now you too can know if there is something lurking behind the walls of your home, all for $99.95.

To learn more or order your very own pair of SERVPRO MM-2000 Goggles, give us a call at 1-800-401-FOOLS

Don’t Ignore Spring Weather Alerts!

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief for weathering winter without incurring any storm damage to your commercial property; however, keep a close eye on any spring weather alerts that might pop up this season.  

Spring storms can really pack a punch when it comes to the structural integrity of your commercial property. Early spring, especially, is notorious for nor’easters, which can deliver heavy snow, rain, and even gale force winds in excess of 58 miles per hour.

Why are these storms called nor’easters? What does that name even mean

According to an article published in The Atlantic, “Why Are There Suddenly So Many Nor’Easters?,” the source of the name is attributed to the wind direction. “During a storm event, it’s the northeast wind that brings the strongest gusts and precipitation to New England.” 

Stay ahead of that troublesome northeast wind this spring by listening for spring weather alerts, and take advantage of tools like SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Profile to help you weather any storm -- whatever its name! 

Consider this your PSA to pay attention to weather alerts in order to prepare your property and staff for a spring weather event. And remember, your local team at SERVPRO of Danvers / Ipswich is always only a call away. 

Will Blustery Weather Bring Corn Snow this Spring?

3/31/2022 (Permalink)

Depending on whether or not you’re a skier, you may be unfamiliar with the term “corn snow.” Corn snow, by definition, is large-grained, rounded crystals formed from repeated melting and freezing of the snow

The spring season is prime time for corn snow because of the melt-freeze cycle. Avalanche forecaster, John Snook, explains that “During the day when it gets above freezing, you get liquid water on the snowpack. At night, it re-freezes on the individual grains of snow and creates a larger frozen grain.”

The New York Times offers a simple formula for corn snow: “Spring rains plus freezing plus sunshine equal corn snow, one of the most delightful surfaces for skiing.” 

Skiers love these kinds of snow conditions and our New England ski resorts tend to stretch the season until at least May for these reasons. So, if you didn’t have enough time on the slopes during the winter, keep your eye on the forecast for some fun corn snow conditions this spring!

For any less than fun weather heading our way this season, trust SERVPRO to handle any storm damage or storm remediation issues. Simply contact SERVPRO of Danvers / Ipswich for a fast, reliable response following any spring storm damage.