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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Flood from Sprinkler Head in Atkinson, NH

This family’s Atkinson, NH residence experienced serious water damage after a sprinkler head was hit and flooded their home. SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich ha... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Bathroom in Groveland, MA

This family’s Groveland residence experienced serious water damage after a pipe burst in their bathroom. SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich has the expertise and ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Haverhill, MA

This flooded basement in Haverhill, MA was the result of days of rain in the area. Ground water made its way into their basement and they needed help drying out... READ MORE

Pipe Burst at Office in Gloucester, MA

After a pipe burst above the ceiling, this office needed someone to arrive quickly and start the clean up process. SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich arrived and cleane... READ MORE

Bathroom Fire in Groveland, MA

This family’s Groveland home suffered from a fire in their bathroom. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPRO of ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in an Amesbury, MA Office

This Amesbury, MA business discovered extensive mold growth in their office, thanks to a leak that went undetected for a long period of time. Businesses are alw... READ MORE

Water Damage at Groveland, MA Function Hall

A sprinkler break created several inches of standing water in this Groveland business. SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich worked around the clock to restore the effecte... READ MORE

Mold Found in Amesbury, MA Attic

During a home inspection, mold was found in this Amesbury, MA home. Believe it or not, mold problems like this can be mitigated with the right expertise and equ... READ MORE

Leaking Pipe Causes Mold in Haverhill, MA Home

An undetected pipe leak in this Haverhill, MA home caused mold to grow on the ceiling. Believe it or not, mold problems like this can be mitigated with the righ... READ MORE

Mold in Groveland, MA Garage

This Groveland, MA home had a mold infestation in their garage. Believe it or not, mold problems like this can be mitigated with the right expertise and equipme... READ MORE

Mold in Basement in Ipswich, MA Home

This Ipswich, MA home had a mold infestation in their basement after a water damage that was left untreated. Believe it or not, mold problems like this can be m... READ MORE

Water Damage in Haverhill, MA Home

This family’s Haverhill residence experienced water damage after their hot water heater let go. SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich has the expertise and equipment... READ MORE

Extensive Fire Damage

This beautiful home had to be gutted after a devastating fire. The family, luckily, was not home at the time but much of their property was damaged or lost. Our... READ MORE

Storm Causes Basement Flooding

After a long drought, heavy storms brought more wind and rain than most communities would absorb. This home in Haverhill, MA was no exception. This homeowner ca... READ MORE

Basement Flooding After Storm

April showers bring…more showers. Basement flooding, due to heavy storm damage, caused lots of headaches for this homeowner in Newbury, MA. Luckily, we w... READ MORE

College Suffers Damage After Storm

After a series of heavy storms blew through the region, this local college reached out requesting a quick turnaround on services so as not to impact the academi... READ MORE

Kitchen Damage Shuts Down Peabody, MA Restaurant

Frozen pipes that ruptured led to lots of damage at Buddah's Tavern in Peabody, MA. The entire restaurant was impacted but the kitchen, being the heartbeat of a... READ MORE

Town Hall Suffers Storm Damage

After a series of heavy storms blew through the region, this local college reached out requesting a quick turnaround on services so as not to impact the academi... READ MORE

Sewage Backup at Local Activity Center

When a record breaking snowstorm hit eastern Massachusetts, it wasn't only bursting pipes that caused damage. This community center in Danvers, MA experienced a... READ MORE

Combustible Materials Cause Haverhill House Fire

If you don't believe the warnings that combustible materials should not be left in direct sunlight, think again. When this homeowner took a break from staining ... READ MORE

Master Bedroom Fire in Danvers, MA

A 3-alarm house fire displaced this Danvers family, in the middle of the night, when an electrical cord sparked and sent flames up the window draperies. Luckily... READ MORE

What Lies Beneath…

This isn't your traditional Before & After photo comparison but it serves as an excellent illustration of what can be underneath a water damaged floor. This... READ MORE

DIY Gone Bad

This water heater was knocked off it's footings when the homeowner attempted to tip it to stop it from leaking instead of shutting the water off first. Inevitab... READ MORE

Cold (and wet) Feet?

After an unprecedented rain/snow storm ravaged the coast of New England, many business and homes were flooded, such as this church sanctuary that suffered signi... READ MORE

Attic Mold After Storm

Each season in New England brings with it it's own set of weather issues that can wreak havoc on your home. The storm doesn't need to be substantial to cause da... READ MORE

Water Damage to Groveland, MA Garage

This Groveland, MA homeowner saw water damage to the interior of her garage after heavy snow sat on top of the flat roof and began to melt. This is an inherent ... READ MORE

Damage to Newburyport, MA Home After Storm

This homeowner's return was delayed when an unprecedented "Bombogenesis" storm hit our region at the beginning of 2018. What they found waiting for them when th... READ MORE

3-Level Damage

Three levels of living space were affected when a pipe burst in one of the top level suites. The entire interior needed to be stripped to the studs since the wa... READ MORE

Containment is Key in Groveland, MA

When this Groveland, MA business suffered water damage as a result of broken pipes, containment of the area was high priority in order to save important client ... READ MORE

Soot Damage Is Not Always Visible To The Eye

This Georgetown home suffered a relatively small kitchen fire but the smoke and soot damage was pervasive in all rooms, on all levels of the home. This before &... READ MORE

Moving a Mountain

We were called into this home when the tenant became overwhelmed with debris and trash. Our crew at SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich worked tirelessly to get to the b... READ MORE

Mold Spreads in Newburyport Home

Mold Spreads Aggressively In this before & after example, you'll see the extensive amount of mold that's existing on the basement walls of this Newburyport ... READ MORE

Basement Mold in Boxford Home

What's in Your Basement? Paneling that is incorrectly attached to drywall or cement is the perfect breeding ground for mold. As seen here, the black mold behind... READ MORE

Buckled Floors After Water Damage

Wood flooring and water are not friends, as evidenced in these before & after photos. This Ipswich homeowner suffered water damage while away on a 2 week va... READ MORE

Mold in Your Freezer?!

Mold can grow just about anywhere Like most people, you may have thought mold needed a dark, damp place to grow and in most cases, that's correct. However, as e... READ MORE

Water Damage Overwhelms School

After a pipe burst in a second floor bathroom, thousands of gallons of water rushed through classrooms, hallways and right out the front door. Even the main lob... READ MORE

Ipswich Puff Back

When a furnace malfunctions, it can produce what's called a "puff back." This occurs when soot is pushed back through the system and "puffs" into your home thro... READ MORE

Soot Cleanup in Ipswich, MA

These before & after photos each illustrate the soot removal as the cleaning process begins. Often times, the soot falls in a thin, even layer and is hard t... READ MORE

Water Damage at Art Center

Water damage can be relentless and wreak havoc to the structure and contents of any building. Older buildings are especially vulnerable due to old plumbing, and... READ MORE